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Hybrid Plug-in Conversion


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Basically a Hybrid Plug-in Conversion has either additional batteries or larger replacement battery installed in the vehicle, plus the addition of a battery management system and also a charger mounted in the vehicle to charge the additional or replacement battery pack.

Because of the lack of availability of any/decent commercial Plug-in hybrids, many companies around the world are producing "Kits" for converting the standard Toyota Prius to Plug-in.
Note: The Toyota Plug-in Prius is not on sale in Australia, only in the US, Europe and Japan.

EVPlus is, at the moment, analyzing the different plug-in converting systems available from around the world. The type of hybrid EVPlus will be concentrating on, in the initial stages, will be the Toyota Prius, and in particular the Generation 2 (Gen 2) model produced from 2004 to 2009. Model: NHW20R

does not do conversions for other people.
will consult with you and assist you with your conversion.
Direct assistance will generally be with those in the metropolitan area of South Australia. General advise will be available to anyone with a question.
Extensive consulting will require a fee via PayPal.

EVPlus does not supply kits for conversion.

The system that has been evaluated is the Plug-in Supply "10 KW" kit or parts there of.

Plug-in Supply Inc
 was involved with Prius plug-in conversions from 2007 until 2017. They have now closed that part of the business, and will not be supplying Prius conversion kits any more.


Click here to check out the Blog entries...



Paul (Adelaide)
added: 23/4/12
I have a Gen 2 Prius which I would like to convert to plug-in.

Don from Tailem Bend
added: 6/4/12
Please let me know when the conversion is available in Adelaide as I am ready for it now.

Reply from admin
added by admin: 7/4/12
This website will be updated as soon as the 10kWh systems have been evaluated.

Neville from South Australia
added 18/8/13
How will you go having a voltage range 213- 304 Volts in the Prius.
Does the battery charger you are expecting control a steady amp flow
- not voltage .?

Reply from admin
added by admin: 19/8/13
I have a permanent monitor on the Prius standard battery, as it is now, and the maximum that I have seen is around 260Volts. I have never seen 304volts.
This monitor also shows the charge (regeneration) and discharge current of the battery pack.
The minimum that I will run the combination of batteries will be to around 20-30% state of charge on the additional cells before switching the additional cells out of circuit.
I have purchased an Ah meter (separate to the US kit) which has relays in it so that I will be able to set a minimum state of charge and use one of the relays to interrupt the BMS loop to disconnect the additional cells at this predetermined state of charge. This is my idea (not supplied with the US kit) as I don't want to rely on the unit waiting for the cells to reach the BMS low limit of around 2.6 volts per cell - which would be way lower that 20% state of charge.
Once this happens, the Prius reverts to a standard Prius using only the original NiMH battery.
The additional cells then remain disconnected from the Prius pack until they are charged again - as I understand it.
The charger will be of the constant voltage/constant current sequentially. (3.65V max per cell)
I think it will work perfectly with the combination of batteries.



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EVPlus can assist with advice, recommendations and solutions. The assistance will be in the form of consultation on the conversion and supply of electronic solutions as required.

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                     Robb Protheroe talking about the Plug-in Supply kits

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