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Electric Vehicle Associations


Australian Electric Vehicle Association (AEVA) - www.aeva.asn.au
AEVA (SA) - www.sa.aeva.asn.au


Electric Auto Association (EAA) - www.electricauto.org

See also http://www.aevasa.kestar.com.au/links.htm for more links...


Online Magazines


GoAutoNews by John Mellor -www.goautomedia.com-News
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RenewEconomy - http://reneweconomy.com.au
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Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology International by UKIP Media Events -
          www.ukipme.com/mag_electric.htm  From here you can read, download  (while reading)
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  ...example of PDF download: January 2013 edition. (Large file: 100Mb)



EV Parts Outlets


EV Works - www.evworks.com.au

EV Power - www.evpower.com.au


EV Source - www.evsource.com


See also http://www.aevasa.kestar.com.au/parts.htm for more links...


Hybrid Conversion

Prius PHEV Options -  www.eaa-phev.org/wiki/Template:Prius_PHEV_Options

Plug-in Supply Inc
 was involved with Prius plug-in conversions from 2007 until 2017. They have now closed that part of the business, and will not be supplying Prius conversion kits any more.



Other links from around the world

A Homeowner's Guide to Electric Vehicles -  

EV Finder - www.evfinder.com

EV World - www.evworld.com

Electric Forum - www.electricforum.com/

Your Mechanic -  Electric Cars and How They Work  by Maddy Martin

See also http://www.aevasa.kestar.com.au/links.htm for more links...


Battery/BMS Information

The Battery Clinic (NZ) - thebatteryclinic.co.nz
 Note: This site refers to model NHW10 as Gen 1 and model NHW11 as Gen 2 when in actual
          fact they are both Gen 1 Prius. Prius model NHW20 is the Gen 2 (2004 - 2009)

L-Ion BMS - http://liionbms.com Very good information website

Hybrid Battery Depot - www.hybridbatterydepot.com Includes Toyota Prius documentation

GreenTec Auto - Hybrid battery suppliers  http://greentecauto.com

See also http://www.aevasa.kestar.com.au/links.htm for more links...

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